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Soccer Speed Training | Speed Ring Training
Speed Ring Training
Speed Ring Training!
Chochi Valenzuela -

Speed Rings?

Agility Rings?

Power Rings?

Call them what you'd like... they are know by many names,

I call them the "Most Versatile", "Most Under-utilized" and some times they can be the "Most Effective" speed training equipment in your arsenal!

My commitment in this speed rings section is to teach you the most effective, efficient and dynamic ways to build speed in your soccer athletes using rings and combining them with other equipment and drills to create dynamic, effective and enjoyable soccer speed activities. 

For the best results follow the articles at the bottom of this page in order order given - #1, #2, #3.... etc.

There is so much new infomation in article #1 it'll spin your head, expand your thinking and hopefully inspire you to take your athletes to this next level.

One thing is for sure, as you go through this section, you will be asking yourself this one big question:

How come no one's taught me this before?

News Flash!!!  Equipment companies are in the business of selling equipment, not educating you on how to make your players faster.  That's why I'm here!  Stick with me and I will bring the top speed training educators right to your computer screen month after month.

As you check out all the downloads, audio instruction, drills, and activities included in each article, I guarantee, you will never look at a set of speed rings the same way again.

If you have experience in the speed, conditioning and fitness industries then you will quickly recognize the '5 dot' structure in the first few articles.  This is a great place to start for those who've never seen training programs like this.

So, for you more knowledgable trainers, I have serveral very soccer specific applications for all the drills in the later articles that I guarantee you've never seen, and they will give you an edge with you soccer athletes and help some of you brak into the lucrative soccer speed training market...

PS.  Oh, and by the way, Platinum Members, you will get more special bonuses all throughout this section.


Increasing Team Speed - One of the easiest ways to tactically apply SAQ training to make any soccer team faster, quicker and more effective!
Chochi Valenzluela
Increasing Team Speed! - Team speed is a skill that can be trained. Here is one very simple technical focus and it's tactical application you can use to increase the speed of play with your team. It starts with focusing what each player should do once the make the decision to... . . . keep reading